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Rats Vs Mice

To many people and cultures rats and mice are seen as the same animal, mice are thought to be young rats. In some languages there is only one word for both animals – rat. However, this is not the case they are distinctly different animals, with their own life cycles, habitats, health issues etc. To help you decide what infestation that you may have, we have constructed a simple table to help tell the difference between rats and mice.


ADULT WEIGHT 300 Grams (11 ounces) 15 Grams (half an ounce)
LENGTH (head & body) 200-250mm (8-10 inches) 60-90mm (2-4 inches)
LENGTH (tail) 150-200 mm (6-8 inches) 80-100 mm (3-5 inches)
TOTAL LENGTH 350-450 mm (14-18 inches) 140-190 mm (5-9 inches)
FUR COLOUR Brown to black on upper head and body, lighter undersides Brownish grey, but lighter shades do occur
EARS Thick, opaque, small relative to the overall head size and covered in fine hairs Large relative to the head
HEAD AND SNOUT Heavy blunt and chunky Small and sharply triangular with pointed muzzles
TAIL Shorter than body, thick and heavy Longer than the body, thin
EYES Small Large and prominent
DROPPINGS Usually found in groups, spindle shaped, about 20mm (3 quarters of an inch) Scattered, rod shaped, 3-6 mm(eighth to 2 eighths of an inch)