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Pest Control

Pest ControlPest Control: Home Response have a established pest control service covering the West Midlands area. We can offer treatment for Rats, Mice, Wasps, Ants, Woodworm and many more. We are very competitive on prices and always offer guarantees for the work we carry out, but at times there are NO guarantees that once a treatment has been carried out, the infestation may seem to be gone, but they can return. Therefore we normally have set costs with a course of treatments.

Here are some facts of some infestations:

Wasps: Wasp nests are usually not a problem before the month of June as it takes a single Queen to build a new nest each year. You may see individual queen wasps or if present in a group they are more likely to be Bees which we do not treat. Wasps Nests can appear in loft spaces, sheds, eaves tile space, hollow trees or can be found in the ground. Most can be identified by their bold bright black and yellow stripes, and are about 20mm long. Usually 1 treatment would be carried out to kill all the wasp nest, the insecticide takes up to 2 days to completely kill all the wasps including the returning ones. That is why we do not remove a wasps nest but you can be assured they will not return to the same nest once a treatment has been completed.

Honey Bees:  Wasp-like in size and shape, are more olive in colour though. They are usually benificial insects, if you have a swarm of wasps then we can come out to inspect and confirm they are honey bees, then we would need to get our specialist bee keepers to remove the nest.

Rats:  The difference between rats and mice can be found on our Website, or follow this link to go directly to the page. homeresponse/ratsvsmice.

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