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Heating Power Flush

Heating Power FlushDo your radiators feel cold? Are your bills getting higher? Does your home take longer to warm up? Is your hot water Luke warm? Typically this could be due to poor water circulation within your central heating system. This can be easily resolved by using a power flush procedure which could put the warmth back into your home. If a inhibitor chemical has been added to the radiator systems every year, then it is recommended that every 5 to 6 years a power flush is carried out. But certain systems once a power flush is done can get air locks and pipes could start leaking due to the system being blasted with a power flush. A proper power flush usually is carried out by 2 engineers and takes up to a full day. If you get a new boiler fitted the manufacturer will guarantee the boiler as long as a power flush is done so that they know the boiler is getting installed into a clean system. Once a power flush has been carried out we will guarantee you that:

  1. You will have a warmer home.
  2. Hot water will be improved.
  3. Your fuel bills will reduce by 50%.

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4 Signs to tell that you will benefit from a power flush:

Bottom part of radiator cold? Home Response Cold Bottom Rad
Boiler making a funny klunking noise? Home Response Boiler Noise
Blocked or furred up valves? Home Response Blocked Valves
Cold water instead of hot? Home Response Cold Water

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