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electricsElectrics:  Home Response have a excellent and dedicated team of Electricians, covering the West Midlands. We take Electric work very seriously as once we enter a property we are liable to ensure the property is safe once we leave. Electrical safety has found some Landlords are taking significant risks of getting huge fines and invalidate insurance, through not acting on their Electrical Obligations. Landlords are putting thousands of tenants at risk, here are some obligations that Landlords must do by Law:

  • Ensure all Electrical installation in any rented accommodation is safe and is maintained throughout the tenancy.
  • If a house is a multi occupation (HMO) then a regular periodic inspection is carried out every 5 years. If it is not a (HMO) property then the Landlord has NO obligation to carry out periodic inspections although it is recommended.
  • All Electric appliances provided by the Landlords are safe and have the CE markings, which is the manufacturers claim that the appliance meets the European Law.

Electrical safety recommends to ensure your rented property has adequate RCD protection, always using a registered Electrician. Some properties do not have adequate protection therefore in the event of a electrical failure all the electrical appliances could also fail as RCD protection prevents short fuses, if a electrical problem does ensue then the RCD protection would prevent further damage to your appliances by cutting electrical supply to that appliance.

Home Response Electricians are also able to come out and give Electrical Advice for your property.