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DrainageDrainage: Is your toilet water once flushed slowly rising? Does your toilet continue to give off a odour? Do the drains overflow? If you have answered yes to these then why not let Home Response come and resolve your drainage problems. We have a established team of drainage contractors working in and around the West Midlands area. We offer fixed prices on drainage or sewer problems. We also unblock blocked drains, at times children can throw things down the toilet without you knowing, and over time that can lead to major drain blocks further down the sewer systems. Seven Trent do cover your drains if they are a shared drainage system with your neighbours. If your drain is a single drain for your property only, then it falls on you to get them unblocked. We also offer a drain cleaning service which can be carried out every 6-12 months, ensuring your drains are always working efficiently. Modern day drainage systems incorporated a Geotextile filter that prevented fine grains of soil passing into and clogging the drainage system.  They are developed to retain fine soils but to allow water to pass freely, in normal drainage systems these Geotetile filters were laid out along a trench which would then be filled with rocks, gravel and sea shells to allow only water to seep through and flow within the stone to the sewers. over the last 30+ years Geotextile and PVC filters are commonly used for drains as they are cheap to produce instead of stone drainage aggregate which is more expensive and harder to transport.

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