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Central Heating

RadiatorsCentral Heating: Do your Radiators feel cold at the top and warm towards the bottom? If so it could be likely that the issue is being caused by air locks that is trapped in the radiators. This issue can be fixed yourself, so no need to call for a engineer. Below we have a few tips on how to Bleed your radiators:

    • Turn the Central Heating Off from the main controls.
    • Find the bleed valve, its usually a small red or silver handle that fits into the key, and should be located on one side of the radiator.
    • Ensure you have a cloth or small bucket to catch any leaking water.
    • The radiators normally come with a bleed key or a radiator key, if you cannot locate it, your nearest builders merchants should have one.
    • Bleed the radiator by inserting the radiator key and slowly turning it, until you hear a hissing sound, when you can see water dribbling out, the air locks will start escaping.
  • Once water has dribbled out, tighten the valve back to its original position, carefully as the water can be boiling hot.

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