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Home Response Blog

Blog-manWelcome to Home Response Blog.

This is our very first Blog.

We aim to write about things that are affecting the Property industry both from a professional service provider like ourselves and from the consumers point of view like your Landlords, Tenants or Home Owners. We will be keeping you up to date on new legislations that may effect yourself, latest gas safe regulations and general information regarding building work. At times Landlords who we have first hand experience of dealing with do not know that there are many legislations out there that they must abide by. Tenants sometimes are potentially moving in to condemned properties without even having a gas safety certificate handed to them. As you can imagine with small children in the house it is very dangerous. Our Blogs will be keeping you informed about any changes that may occur in residential properties.

We will try to make them interesting and relevant – so take the time to join our RSS feed and be the first to receive the latest information.

If you have any advice that will help us to improve what we blog about, then do not hesitate in sendin your thoughts to us – please email us on